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The SCI Difference – A Company You Can Trust Since 2001, Surveillance Consulting has been a reliable and trusted name in the surveillance industry. A privately held company, SCI is headquartered in Burlington, NC. SCI services all of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, as well as National clients. Our company is an A+ rated security company as rated by the Better Business Bureau. The reputation of Surveillance Consulting as a leader in advanced surveillance technologies, as well as the unparalleled commitment to service has been the cornerstone of our business. We are continuously striving toward incorporating technology into our customer base to meet the needs of our clients. .

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The SCI Solution is the combination of innovative technology and exceptional professional services that we provide to our customers. Working with our clients to meet their individual needs and objectives requires just the right blend of subject matter expertise – technical acuity as well as project management and client service. This approach has allowed us to provide exceptional business security solutions while achieving superior levels of client satisfaction, spanning a wide variety of industries.


It’s important to cover substantial areas within a car lot. Our cameras can do that job for you. The innovation of MegaPixel cameras can provide a great level of detail over a large space. Sales managers can see the entire lot from their desk. Monitor sales teams to make sure customers are being taken care of. Cameras can also protect the dealership from any false liability. Dual Cameras lining your service lanes provides a record of vehicle condition when received, and audio recording at the service desk will clear up any disputes. Surveillance consulting is here to provide ultimate coverage, day and night.


Most parents’ goal when seeking out childcare is to find a place where they feel safe. Digital surveillance produces a record of the child’s daily activity. Being able to show parents how an injury occurred and how their child performs is a way to increase your enrollment. With customizable passwords and access times, parents can be provided live access for added peace of mind. Surveillance will improve the teachers’ performance as well. With audio and video recording you can provide insightful performance reviews and help train incoming staff. Doors can be locked down and access limited with the added function of access control, an ever growing need in educational facilities.

Assisted Living

These establishments use surveillance as a means for safety; not only for the residents, but for the business owners as well. The possibility of a false liability claim is eliminated with the use of surveillance. From unexplained falls to misinterpreted conversations, the additional eyes and ears will benefit any owner or director. People do more good and less bad when they think they're being watched. Making sure your staff is treating the residents with the utmost care and that medication is being administered properly are only a couple of advantages.


Restaurant owners feel that they must be at the restaurant at all times to run it effectively. With digital surveillance, you can have eyes and ears there 100% of the time, so you don’t have to be. The truth is, people do more good and less bad when they think they are being watched. Let the cameras become your face. Every time an employee looks up, they see you. With remote view, your presence is always there. Avoid the loss of "friend discounts" and products walking out of the back door. The employees will be more productive and the customers will be treated properly.

Retail/Convenient Stores

With digital surveillance in retail stores or convenience stores, the number of shoplifters is greatly reduced. Crime is a matter of opportunity and need. There is little a business can do about the need, but the opportunity can be diminished. People will do more good and less bad if they think they are being watched. Business owners have the capabilities of remote view so they can monitor how their customers are being treated and can protect their business. Cameras can be integrated with POS systems and cash drawers can be watched to reduce internal theft with an imprint of the transaction overlaid on the camera image.

Apartment Complex

Knowing the residence is under surveillance 24/7 gives tenants peace of mind. Managers can view the entire complex from their desk. The growing use of license plate cameras has helped provide an accurate record of vehicles entering and leaving the property. Digital surveillance can deter theft, trespassing and vandalism from occurring on the premises. People will do more good and less bad if they think they are being watched. Protect your amenities and residents in areas such as swimming pools, work-out facilities, or basketball courts.


It’s important for schools to be an atmosphere of learning, without distractions or hazards. With digital surveillance, the whole campus can be monitored to ensure the students are safe. Systems can be accessed from multiple computers and mobile devices allowing staff and SROs to view activity from anywhere on campus. Trespassing and other hallway hazards can be avoided. Matters of "he said/she said" are quickly rectified with a video record. The use of access controls keeps unidentified people from being able to enter the school without permission. In the case of emergencies a forced lockdown can be applied to all doors.