“Our system allows me the ability to not only monitor the safety of my residents but also the added benefit of viewing my employees’ productivity at all times. I found that I was going to be able to duplicate “ME” in the business, even when I was not there”

-Kathy Edens, Clemmons Village

“We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the professionalism of your staff. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. The investment we made with the purchase of cameras from SCI has greatly improved the quality of our business. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come!”

- Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert and Wilma King,   Little Kings & Queens Child Development Center

“ We had a camera system for 3 years we could not use. We paid thousands of dollars for it and had no support or knowledge of the way the system worked. After two thefts, one at home and one at work…we had to do something. SCI came to our rescue with a new innovative, affordable, and user-friendly system that we love and use everyday. The best service and support we have ever had. What peace of mind! Thanks. "

-Steve & Patty Wall,  Steve’s Garden Market

“ Do you want to feel secure in your business? I did. I do now...with my surveillance system from Ron Davis and SCI. I use this system on a daily basis now to check customers, vehicles, employees, stock, etc… Everything is at my fingertips now—No questions asked. No lies told—I see it all. It is a must for anyone who owns a business. I can now leave and feel secure! Finally a vacation and enjoyment out of life….what I’ve worked for all my life. Thanks SCI."

-Jeff Gilliam, The Tire Center of Burlington

“I have been extremely pleased with SCI and my new camera system. The staff was very respectful, knowledgeable and helpful. This has been a useful tool in promoting our center. Parents have been very appreciative of the benefits of knowing their children are safe. We also use it as a teaching tool to allow teachers to watch and listen to themselves. Thanks!!”

-Pam Cole, Pam's Preschool

“Since we had Surveillance Consulting come and install a full camera system, we now are able to control our entire high dollar inventory and see what is happening throughout the store as well as outside the building. Their professionalism and friendly staff helped in every way. They determined where cameras should be located and answered all our questions. I highly recommend for peace of mind in your business or personal needs….to give them a call.”

-Becky Johnson, Johnson’s Sporting Goods

“This system has been one of the best business tools we have every purchased. Thanks to SCI we have cut our costs and feel that we have a great way of encouraging our teams to do better every day.”

-Dwayne Glenn,  Triangle Auto Body